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Who we are

High Performance (HP) Physio is a physiotherapy & sports injury clinic based out of the High Performance Centre in Casuarina, conveniently located just south of Kingscliff.

Our goal at HP Physio is to provide access to high performance physiotherapy and injury rehabilitation to anyone in the community. Whether it’s athletic performance, injury management, to get out of pain or to simply move better.

As a patient of HP Physio you will have access to a world class facility, exceptional treatment and a network of leading specialists to ensure you get the best care possible.

Did you know

If you have an injury that involves over use of a tendon the best treatment is not to rest it, but to start a specific strength program to reduce the pain and capacity of the injured tendon.

did you know

Headaches can be caused by a stiff or tight neck. Physio treatment to the neck can often resolve headaches.

did you know

Muscles are often tight because they compensate for weakness. Identifying this weakness and strengthening the muscle can be the solution to an ongoing issue with tightness or muscle pain.

Our Promise

We use the latest equipment and evidenced based treatment techniques, so you can be sure your health is in good hands.

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