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Injury assessment & diagnosis

Our Physiotherapists are trained in how to accurately and systematically diagnose injuries and sources of pain. It is important when getting injury diagnosed to be assessed by a qualified professional and not follow generalised health industry advice.

exercise prescription & rehabilitation plans

After an accurate diagnosis  or athletic screening, we will prescribe a specific exercise program to help you rehabilitate your injury and improve your athletic performance 

Dry needling

We offer both trigger point and facial dry needling techniques to provide short-term release in muscle tone and to promote blood flow to an injured area. These techniques are used in conjunction with an active rehabilitation plan.

hands on treatment

We use hands on treatments such as soft tissue release, joint mobilisation, myofascial release and assisted and PNF stretching in  conjunction with an active rehabilitation plan.

Surf SPecific Screening

As the current Physiotherapist to the Surfing Australia High performances team, Paul has developed a surfing specific screen that focuses on key areas most relevant to surfing. You will get put through the same screen as Australia’s top surfers. From this screen will we highlight the areas you need to work on and provide exercises to help you improve these areas and your overall. These screens are available to surfers at any level.


running gait analysis

As an ex elite level triathlete, Paul has a lot of experience with running biomechanics and running related injuries. Paul has developed a running screen and running gait analysis to help you improve your running efficiency and prevent injuries. It involves a screen of running specific areas and video analysis of your running gait.

bike fitting

As an ex elite level triathlete, Paul has a lot of experience with cycling biomechanics and cycling related injuries. Paul offers a bike fitting service that involves a cycling specific musculoskeletal screen and fitting using 3D motion capture technology. Contact HP Physio by email to organise your next bike fit.

sports & remedial massage

At HP Physio we understand that you are not always injured but would like help managing some ongoing tightness – particularly during high periods of training. For this we offer a sports and remedial massage service.

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